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"I like the small class size and my kids love all the fun games."


"Class size, emphasis on safety and proper body mechanics. My children likes the shallow areas where he can stand."


"Excellent program. My daughter is excited for every class. We will return after summer for swimming and other classes. Thank you!"


"My children are rewarded with positive reinforcement with rewards and praise. I like the small class sizes and good attention to details with students."


"My two children absolutely love coming here! They did not know how swim at all a few month ago-I'm so happy I brought them here! Thanks for everything"


"The teacher does an excellent job of keeping things interesting and is fair for all the kids and has the patience of a saint."


"My boys think swim lessons here are the greatest ever. They would come every day if they could."


"Wanted to let you know that you are running a terrific business here. My 4 year old grandson is part of your sports camp and you staff could not be more friendly. They all seem to really enjoy their jobs and really care about and enjoy being with the kids. Thank you for a very pleasant experience!"


"I enrolled my shy 3-year old in a combo dance-gymnastics class. By the 2nd session she was LOVING it. Teachers were very reassuring and patient."


"My kids come every other week and just disappear. When its time to go they just want to stay. One is 3, one is 7, and one is 12 and they all find wonderful things to do. They love it here!"

--Sean Odom


Kids Club Fun & Fitness

Where Kids and Grown-up Kids go to have fun!

Friday Fun Night

~*~ Drop Off Event ~*~



Upcoming Dates

The Jungle
Ages: 4-11 years!

6th – Gladiator
20th – Silly Sports
The 1st & 3rd Friday of each month!





  • Time in the with their age group only!
  • Games and events in the Dance Studio(4-6 yr olds only)
  • Swimming (1st-5th grade only and must pass a short *swim test)
  • Trampolines and time in the gymnastics room
  • Inflatables (not at every FFN)
  • Crafts
  • Dodgeball
  • Lots of recreational games like parachute, wallyball, air ball, twister and more…

* Swim test consist of swimming the width of the pool and float on their back for 5 seconds

Only $16.95!

Add pizza & a drink for
only $4.99 more!

Choose from Cheese or Pepperoni!

(4-6 year olds are cheese only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do this all the time?

A:The 1st & 3rd Friday of the Month!
Drop off is 6:30-6:45pm for Pre-registered ONLY (drop-ins from 6:45-7:00pm)
Pick up is from 9:30-10:30pm

Q: What ages can come?

A: Kids who 4-11 years old.

Q: If I have a 4 year old and a 7 year old will they be together?

A: No, the activities are divided by age groups (4-6 yrs old & 1st-5th grade).

Q: Does everyone swim?

A: Just the 1st-5th graders and they will need to pass a short swim test. They will need to swim the width of the pool & float on their back for 5 seconds.

Q: Is snack or dinner provided?

A: A VERY light snack (like goldfish and apple juice) is provided to the 4-6 year olds only.
We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you PRE-PURCHASE a meal for all kids as we cannot be responsible for money given to them. However, our cafe is open for the 1st-5th graders (not 4-6 yr olds) for purchasing snack items if they brought money.

Q: What is the supervision like?

A: 1:10 for the 4-6 years, and each room supervised for the 1st-5th grades.

Q: Can we use coupons over the phone?

A: We cannot accept coupons over the phone. They must be physically present at the time of booking.

Q: What time is cut off for pre-registration

A: 5:00pm on Friday.

Know Before You Go!

  • Print and fill out Waiver before you come in to save time! Click here to visit our download page. Right click the Friday Fun Night waiver and save.
  • Make sure everyone has socks!
  • If your child is planning on swimming, please be sure to pack a suit/shorts & towel! (1st-5th grade only!)
  • Cut off for drop off is 7:00pm! Click here for directions!

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Video of The Jungle

(no ball pit-now light space floor)

Tame our new Tiger

triple gang slide

giant ball room

Race on the triple gang slide

Giant ball room

Spiral Snake Slide

Spiral Snake Slide

tumble tube

Spinning Tube

Tree house

blasters 1

Loading Fun!

Interactive Dance Floor!

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